Glazes, tonalities, transparencies; The fruits of years of artistic research and refinement to achieve an innately unique style and finish, to give life to organic atmospheres, outstanding and harmonious all at once.

Design, tradition and craftwork unite to create pieces which transcend the realms of time, leaving their subtle mark on eternity.

PINO – Papel pintado a mano


Belen Huidobro and Juan Aresti founded BuenaVentura in 2003

This project is the result of our passion for nature, and its projection into the interior spaces, using the highest quality in all aspects.

In order to do so, we interpret the forms, we try to nuance the light and the colours of the world around us, with our own imprint and style.

Brushstroke after brushstroke, we are achieving our dream of bringing beautiful and refined works to embrace the most refined spaces.


Our paintings are our own designs, and we paint them by hand, using basic watercolour techniques on beautiful cotton paper.

We combine sophisticated processes of handcrafted creation in order to capture the fleeting effects of nature, elegantly and luminously.

It is an arduous artistic procedure, producing unique, timeless pieces of art.